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The 12 Days of Congress Christmas: Unwrapping Policy with Festive Cheer


WHISKEY SOLDIER® is a lifestyle brand that provides supplies to strengthen our shared American republic and community to unite Americans against threats to our democratic responsibility.


BLOG SERIES Get ready to unwrap a holiday experience like no other! Our "12 Days of Congress Christmas" series takes you on a festive journey through some of our times' most pressing and relevant policies, all wrapped in the spirit of the holiday season.

Day 1: Partridge in a Pear Tree – Transparency and Accountability

On the first day, we highlight our government's critical need for transparency and accountability. Imagine a satirical image that blends humor with a serious call for ethical governance – a perfect start to our series.

Day 2: Two Turtle Doves – Bipartisanship

Day two nods to the power of bipartisanship. It's about bridging political divides and working collaboratively for the common good, symbolized by turtle doves uniting on an olive branch.

Day 3: Three French Hens – Global Cooperation

We focus on the importance of global cooperation, with imagery that brings together major global entities in a shared mission of diplomacy and mutual understanding.

Day 4: Four Calling Birds – Free Speech Responsibility

This day underscores the responsibility that accompanies free speech. It serves as a reminder of the balance between expressing ourselves and considering the impact of our words.

Day 5: Five Golden Rings – Economic Policy

Delving into economic policies, we explore themes of growth, employment, inflation, trade policy, and income equity, each represented by a golden ring.

Day 6: Six Geese A-Laying – Environmental Policy

Environmental sustainability takes the stage, with six geese symbolizing the nurturing of policies that protect and preserve our natural world.

Day 7: Seven Swans A-Swimming – Healthcare

Accessible healthcare is at the heart of this day, represented by swans swimming in a therapeutic pool, emphasizing the need for a healthcare system that serves everyone.

Day 8: Eight Maids A-Milking – Workers' Rights

We stand in solidarity with workers, advocating for fair labor standards and equitable power dynamics in the workforce.

Day 9: Nine Ladies Dancing – Cultural Diversity

A celebration of cultural and ethnic inclusivity, this day is about embracing and supporting the diverse tapestry of our society.

Day 10: Ten Lords A-Leaping – Judicial Reform

Jumping into judicial reform, we explore proposals for ethics and integrity in the judiciary, a leap towards a more just legal system.

Day 11: Eleven Pipers Piping – Universal Pre-K

The focus is on education, particularly the significance of universal pre-K in laying the foundation for lifelong learning and development.

Day 12: Twelve Drummers Drumming – Ranked Choice Voting

We drum up support for a transformative approach to our voting system, advocating for the adoption of ranked-choice voting to enhance our democratic process.

Join James Killen and Daniel Collins daily as we reveal these thought-provoking themes, combining festive cheer with meaningful discussion on policies shaping our world.

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