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WHISKEY SOLDIER© is a veteran-owned social enterprise that is a powerful antidote to misinformation, disinformation, and divisive rhetoric emanating from political leaders of all backgrounds.

Embodying the assertive spirit of the military and creative spirit of whiskey, this brand challenges politicians to guide our democracy with prudence and integrity. It underscores the fundamental truth that citizens are the ultimate authority and must embrace full responsibility for governance through voting.

Through its various media, products, and educational initiatives, WHISKEY SOLDIER© is committed to equipping individuals with the vital knowledge needed for informed and effective leadership. This brand stands out as the uncompromising voice in the room, delivering straight, no-nonsense communication because the stakes are exceptionally high. Rejecting superficial discussions on serious topics, WHISKEY SOLDIER© insists on substantive dialogue and accountability, emphasizing the critical importance of integrity, character, and the necessity of checks and balances.

Whiskey - The Spirit of American Innovation: Born from the pioneering tradition of American bourbon, WHISKEY SOLDIER© embodies the unique blend of creativity and ingenuity that defines our nation. Our brand is a tribute to the bold, enduring spirit of those who dare to solve problems with precision and pursue excellence relentlessly. Like the meticulously crafted bourbon that stands the test of time, our standards are uncompromising because the stakes are high. We deliver nothing but the best, forcing a standard of high integrity on the political landscape—from the county clerk to the President.

Soldier - The Defenders of our Constitutional Republic: As steadfast as the soldiers, sailors, marines, airman, guardians who defend our nation, WHISKEY SOLDIER© stands guard over our democratic values. Assertive and unyielding, shoulders square to the enemy, our mission is to remind every citizen of their sovereign power and duty.

Our products and messages are crafted to educate, inspire, and provoke action, ensuring that every voice is heard and every leader is held accountable. In an era rife with misinformation and disinformation, understanding the media we consume is crucial.

WHISKEY SOLDIER© was founded by Daniel Collins, a proud veteran of the Kentucky Army National Guard. Daniel's experiences in the military instilled in him a profound appreciation for the values of discipline, responsibility, and service—principles that he has infused into every aspect of WHISKEY SOLDIER©.

Daniel graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in Corporate & Organizational Communications. His academic background combined with his military experience uniquely positions him to lead a brand that champions clear, effective communication and unwavering integrity in the pursuit of democratic values.

To this end, WHISKEY SOLDIER© partnered with renowned media expert, Marine Corps and Air Force Veteran, James Killen, known for his background in military and professional media and marketing management and his influential presence on TikTok, to bring clarity and insight into the media landscape.

James gives us great perspective on the decision on the Colorado Supreme Court:

Also on the team is Kyle McManus, a wonderful graphic designer and illustrator, to enhance our storytelling landscape. Kyle’s artistic expertise will bring our mission to life through vivid visuals and engaging designs.

Together, we develop content and programs designed to enhance the public's ability to critically assess news and information.

At WHISKEY SOLDIER© we believe in the power of truth and the relentless pursuit of accountability. We believe in the American's better angels. Nonetheless, we as a duty to our country, are the enforcers of truth for the political class, the bold voice that speaks with clarity and purpose.

Join us in our mission to uphold the principles that define us.

If you are a non-profit that is pro-democracy, we'd love to discuss how we can partner.

Together, we will forge a future where integrity leads and excellence prevails.


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