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Our Story

My name is Daniel Collins

Founded by Daniel Collins, a dedicated veteran of the Kentucky Army National Guard, Whiskey Soldier is a veteran-owned social enterprise driven by a commitment to uphold the principles of democracy and integrity. Daniel’s experience in the military instilled a deep appreciation for discipline and responsibility, principles he carried forward into creating Whiskey Soldier. With a degree in Corporate & Organizational Communications from Western Kentucky University, Daniel brings a unique perspective to our mission, combining clear communication with unwavering dedication to civic duty.

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WHISKEY SOLDIER® empowers you with the tools and resources needed to fortify our shared American republic. We are dedicated to uniting Americans against threats to our democratic responsibilities, fostering a strong community bound by the principles of freedom, integrity, and collective action. Our mission is clear: to serve as a powerful antidote to misinformation, disinformation, and divisive rhetoric that undermines the fabric of our society.

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Whiskey Soldier operates at the intersection of patriotism and innovation. We offer a range of products, from apparel to educational materials, each designed to inspire and inform. Our media initiatives, including blogs, videos, and social media content, are crafted to enhance media literacy and promote informed discussion. The Battalion, our exclusive membership program, provides a platform for members to engage more deeply with our mission through workshops, special events, and collaborative opportunities.

What We Do


The Spirit of American Innovation

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Inspired by the bold spirit of American bourbon, Whiskey Soldier embodies the ingenuity and resilience that are hallmarks of our national character. We stand for problem-solving with precision and pursuing excellence relentlessly, pushing for high standards of integrity across all levels of political engagement.

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Our military roots inform our approach to defending democratic values. Like the steadfast soldiers who protect our nation, we are committed to guarding our democratic ideals and ensuring every American understands their power and responsibility.


Defenders of Our Constitutional Republic

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