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Company Bio:

Whiskey Soldier was established in 2018 by Dan Collins to provide promotional services, booking, and strategy to his musician friends. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Whiskey Solider provides an array of artist and brand management services. At Whiskey Solider the most important aspects of our business are integrity and communication. We value relationships and thrive off creative synergies to forge a roadmap for success.

We bring all the fixins by concentrating on navigating the dynamic nature of the music industry with creative solutions and a collaborative resolve. We provide vision, tactics and strategy, artist development, booking, concert promotions, PR, kickass branding, platform growth, follower and fan engagement, merch management, marketing solutions, scheduling, and helluva lot more.

Mission Statement:

At Whiskey Solider, our mission is to partner with artists with a collaborative resolve to provide a platform that fits their vision and achieves their goals.


Vision Statement:

Whiskey Solider: To lead and develop artists that can make a positive change in the world.


Core Values:

  • Collaboration

  • Ambition

  • Positivity 

  • Resolve

  • Integrity

  • Communication