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Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Here is the situation: Our country has issues. I cannot sit idle wishing for solutions to appear magically. Citizens' confidence in local, state, and federal government institutions is at an all-time low. Citizens are constantly being told information isn't reliable by the opposing side. Toxic political polarization continues to usher folks into opposing ideological tribes. As a result, a proliferation of far-right paramilitary terrorist organizations has emerged with a perverted understanding of their duty to the country. Far-left extremist organizations seem to be under the impression that two wrongs will make a right. It is not a secret our society is still dealing with the disgusting smell of racism. We are looking at the extremist and terrorists on both sides of the spectrum who have a fetish for the military and a severely depraved understanding of patriotism.

The WHISKEY SOLDIER® mission is to provide a voice to forward-thinking patriots, defeat divisive rhetoric, disrupt disinformation, take out conspiracists with truth, and issue ammunition for advocacy to help unleash the power of our shared American Democracy.

Execution of this mission will be brutal. Trust me, I know. After defending my position on George Floyd in 2020, I had an Iraq veteran (who writes songs on behalf of a nonprofit organization centered on eliminating veteran suicide) texted me to "kill myself." True story. I soon learned that this veteran was a member of an identified criminal biker club. He and two other veteran songwriters went haywire explicitly defending racists pillars. They fell in to form the follow blind ignorance squad. The following weeks, I was threatened, I've had lies blasted about me and my business all over the internet. I was called stolen valor. I was bombarded by phony emails and calls. You get the point. Their attempts to intimidate me only fueled my purpose. I didn't go overseas to serve the white-usa. I didn't go overseas to serve the christian-usa. I served the fucking citizens of the USA. The brown, the yellow, the muslim, the atheist, the Cambodian immigrant and the dreamers born on our soil, the black and white, the folks living on backroads and in metros -- they are all fucking equal in constitutions eyes. For fucks sake how complicated could the definitions of freedom and liberty be? Nonetheless, here we are and I don't go down without a fight. I've had plenty of fights in my life. Fuck, too many to be honest. I'd love to bust up a couple of chins for a good cause. Ole singin' boys with dishwater hands aren't exactly gonna make me shiver. I'm not holding my breath for any apologies. Honesty and integrity separate the men from the boys. Serving on behalf of what is good and right is why we signed up, no? What is the fundamental principle in being a protector? Evidently, they figure they can select who they're keen to protect. Noooo dice. But, for the sake of our country, this fight must be won with the pen, not the sword. Confidence in the American way of life must be restored. The gameplan is simple:

  • Use the WARNO platform to provide information with contextual insights.

  • Continue to challenge biases and mediocrity.

  • Credit leaders that are doing the good and honest and objectively right thing to do.

  • Embolden equality, civil liberties, and voting rights.

  • Provide apparel and gear to blazon our message.

We're not alone. We have allies and support everywhere. Organizations across America are coming together to respond to the political divisions before tensions escalate further.

We particularly admire the work of:

  • Represent Us is America's leading anti-corruption organization working city-by-city, state-by-state to fix our broken political system.

  • Veterans for Political Innovation are mobilizing veterans & supporters to advocate for election innovations to make our system less toxic & more competitive.

  • The Lincoln Project is an American political action committee formed in late 2019 by former and current Republicans with the mission of holding accountable those who would violate their oaths to the Constitution and would put others before Americans.

  • is an American political action committee formed in 2006 by progressive Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. The organization prioritizes American defense, national security, and veterans' advocacy. VoteVets elevates the voices of Veterans and military families through progressive legislative policies and electoral endorsements that impact the lives of active service members, veterans, and the country.

Get involved now: Put it on and bring it on. Pre-order your WHISKEY SOLDIER® Branded t-shirt now!

Weigh in with your thoughts:

What is the biggest issue in America right now?

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