Fear is the Enemy of Hope


We have canceled all of our upcoming shows and events. With that said, please follow COVID-19 guidance from credible licensed medical professionals and scientists, particularly the CDC. We're not medical professionals; we're entertainment professionals.

This is a crucially important issue that is complicated at multiple levels of analysis. Unless you're a professional in the medical field, I beg you to please do everyone a favor and point them in the direction where the best and most reliable information is readily available.

I can speak to the societal proliferation of fear. I'm committed to combating this fear. My tone may come across a tad abrasive. That's intentional. Fear is the enemy of hope. I take enemies seriously. So, allow me to unsheath my sword of truth and attack fear:

All around us, people are incredibly concerned about the health and welfare of their loved ones, the economic impact on their livelihoods, the notion that it might be a while before we return to a semblance of business as usual. I know that you're confused. I know that you're hurting. Your concerns are valid, friends. People will, in fact, lose their jobs. People will, in fact, lose their businesses. People will, in fact, lose their lives. Unethical people will reveal themselves during this time of exposure. You already see it in the shithead brothers that hoarded 17,000+ bottles of hand sanitizer and in the folks that looted Nashville after the tornado. Let's call a spade a spade. The threat that we face doesn't have time for distractions and misinformation. We must be exact in our language. So many are experiencing a crippling level of anxiety and fear.

To add salt to the wounds, there are a host of point-blank irrational concerns.

I hate that I have to address this; some people are concerned about a nebulous, coercive government takeover -- conspiracy-level asinine propaganda.

Can we not? Just stop. This is seriously nonsensical rhetoric coming from fear. I'm intent on shutting it down. It is the least productive conversation. Why? As it turns out, your "government" isn't some godlike marionettist, and you, for damn sure, aren't a puppet. Drink a tall glass of Act-Right-Juice and get cozy with reality. You're an American citizen. As such, like it or not, you have an inherent responsibility. You are blessed beyond measure, by the constitution of this great republic, with personal and inalienable sovereignty to employ personal freedom. You're the boss in this society, homie. That's not frivolous, either. In no short order, it is up to you to wield this responsibility or to shun it. Don't act like you can't speak up with your concerns about how municipal, state and federal entities are conducting business. Many choose to simply stay quiet. Others are loud AF behind risk-free keyboards, tossing fairytale spins on government actions. These folks are dangerously peddling fiction and should be ashamed. It is within the realm of possibility that we go full mandatory lockdown because of this virus. If the government does, in fact, require full and total quarantine, these keyboard jockeys will lose their ever-loving minds.

Please, for the love of everything good and holy, do not freak out. They're not going to take your damn guns. Drastic decisions, such as a lockdown, are strictly a measure of prudence for the greater good of society. Some folks don't listen well, and when they don't, in these circumstances, people can be exposed to life-threating interactions. Public Health measures are not a personal infringement on your rights. They are actions to stop the spread of a global pandemic. Let's not be short-sighted, yeah? Let's be kind and neighborly, yeah?

No one wants to read pages of obituaries while mourning alone inside their house.

We must take safety measures IMMEDIATELY for them to work. Drastic, sweeping courses of action aren't your enemy.

There isn't an American alive who is going to take kindly to anyone stripping our freedoms. Relax knowing that your neighbors are in this with you, and (fun fact) your neighbors are the "government." Your neighbors are teachers; your neighbors are law enforcement; your neighbors are city council, magistrates and judge executives. Use common damn sense. How else can we expect this crisis to resolve? COVID-19 is the enemy. Please do not sacrifice common sense and the well-being of your fellow Americans on the altar of political or financial expediency, or just dumb defiance. Take every precaution to be as judicious and proactive as you can. Take a chill pill. If the governing bodies of our society deem it necessary to mandate a full stop in order for this outbreak to fizzle out, they’re maintaining control over the disaster, not you.

Again, they’re controlling the disaster, not you. Again, controlling the DISASTER, not YOU.

This state of affairs is uneasy and unsettling. There isn’t a single soul on this spinning rock that isn't adversely affected by COVID-19 in one way or another. So, we're in this together.


Please, folks, address this issue with your eyes front and your shoulders squared. If we orient ourselves collectively toward solutions, we'll achieve positive outcomes. What does hope look like to you? I am a hoarder of hope. I love it. Big fan! I've gotten by in life because of it. Several really neat things can come from solving this crisis. True innovation and development come on the waves of chaos. Call me crazy, but we will see some interesting advancements come from this unique time. People caught off their rockers are forced to be creative. It is suggested that due to the bubonic plague that closed theaters in 1606, Shakespeare completed a lot of dramatic writing, churning out masterpieces such as King Lear, Macbeth, and Antony and Cleopatra that same year. Can you imagine what songs we're going to get from this period of convalescence? I'm SO pumped for the inevitable incredible writing that this moment is inspiring. Again, when the Great Plague of London hit in 1665, Cambridge University had to close its doors for a moment. In turn, leaving this feller named Isaac Newton some time alone at home. Well, while he was board he ended up inventing calculus, parts of optic theory and was inspired his thoughts on gravity and the laws of motion. We have a unique opportunity as a society to push the pause button and evaluate things. There is a realness to rebirth in moments like these, let's embrace it. Let’s take get this time to focus on helping locally-owned small businesses and others who are impacted. Watch the mighty hearts that emerge. Recognize the beautiful blessing of additional time back in your home and with your family. Use it for good! Learn a new language, read a book, exercise, teach your kids a new skill, get in the kitchen with some fun recipes, start a garden, go hiking, challenge yourself, take time to focus on mental wellness, center yourself emotionally and spiritually.

We will see clearly who in our society is trustworthy, who can navigate the mantle of leadership in trying times. What do you want in a leader? Let's transcend policy for a second and focus on the moral and ethical charge of leadership. Leadership done right is a foundation of hope. My hope comes from the teachings of Jesus; he is stocked piled full of great leadership. Jesus operates with calmness amidst the chaos. He is "the great healer," able to navigate folks through moments of distress, ensuring that everyone feels at peace. In times like these, we must remember exactly what it is to be grateful and we must recognize the things we need to be let go. Social media can lock people up or upset them beyond reason. I've been there. I hope that during this time we see folks spreading the goodness like wildfire. The advancements of medicine will provide a means to combat the virus sooner than later. The many virtues of our society will emerge victorious as we do away with that which does not foster prosperity for our future.

Lastly, let's all give a shout out to the medical professionals on the front lines, the grocery clerks handling the store queues, the good folks that work in hospitality, the teachers and professors, the athletes and entertainers, the small business owners and everyone else. This has impacted everyone on earth, and will continue to do so; the extent of the impact depends on us. Seek reliable information, don't be a conspiracy turd, keep your distance, wash your dadgum hands, and love one another.

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