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A Message for the New Year.

Good morning. As dawn rises on our new year, fellow Americans scattered from Seattle to St. Augustine ponder and pine if the forthcoming year will entertain more hope or distress. Taking kindly to the former, I'd be remiss not to wish everyone a wonderful, meaningful, and productive year filled with many laughs and smiles. Nevertheless, acknowledging the latter, I reckon wishing folks a dutiful amount of grit and resilience may also be in order.

For the most part, the beginning of the year allows positivity to permeate the ether and endears people to encourage individual changes one deems necessary. People write goals. People promise a different attitude. People commit to changing the size of their wallets or waists.

What do you hope to see come to fruition in 2023? Have you put pen to paper to document the direction you're going to take this year?

Is there heartache, loss, or a challenge from 2022 that give you clarity?

No easy deal. You, reader, have limitless capability. You choose how to manifest your energy. You choose how to navigate life. Your future has infinite potential, but only you will realize the potential you realize. So, to that end, consider a top priority for you this year: MAKE GOOD CHOICES.

Happy New Year,

Colonel G. Daniel Collins, Jr


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