I just watched the 3-chapter cinematic journey the Lumineers premiered on September 13th last year titled “III” which is kickass for its duplicitous meaning. It’s their third studio album, too. Neat. Don’t take it just from me they done got themselves some rad reviews, which I intend to echo.

The quality of music-videos is approaching a level of excellence so distinguishable that it might b- no, it is, more appropriate to address them as “music-films.” But I digress. I absolutely love what Sturgill Simpson did by working with Netflix for the visual journey of Sound & Fury. It was a creative, gorgeous and substantive visual compliment to the masterful sonic experience in his last album. Killerrr cOnCeePt!

The Lumineers take a deep dive into substance abuse and addiction, failed relationships, betrayal, loss and truths that hide quietly in our collective conscious as taboo. The videos highlight the songwriting excellence in an explicit motif. A good many of the 10 videos contain graphic content. It certainly had poignant moments. Their video track for “My Cell” has violence and nudity and a story that wrecks you. It’s the display of a relationship downfall by the numbers in like 30 seconds. The curiosity when something’s afoot. The shock when the demon of the relationship presents itself from behind a closed door. The pain from the wounds. The absence and loneliness. The good faith effort to see good in the one that hurt you. The moment betrayal sits in and you’re kicked in the mouth. The pain from the betrayal and the suffering from the foundation of your reality being flipped upside down. The scenes are masterful.

I’m thankful for The Lumineers specifically for their spirit and courage to address serious issues many a family encounter. They did so face forward with their eyes open, too. They didn’t skirt details. Would it be crazy to see a category that offers a nomination for a joint award with an Oscar and Grammy? Am I crazy? Probably, all I know is Kevin Phillips and the Lumineers certainly put their best efforts forward.

Watch it — it’s frigggin’ amazing. Start from the beginning. Chapter 1, go!

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